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Using some of the scribbles I did on my friend’s iPad this weekend. Definitely want to get one of my own!

Lovely coffee with a friend at Knead. Kind of awesome having them right down the road from my flat. Their food is pretty damn amazing too!

We bought this rather large brass horse recently. I’ve since named him ‘Vonk’ (spark in Afrikaans) and can’t not smile when I walk past him. The brass love is alive and well in the Dalton-Walter household.

Got crafty and DIY’ed this box with eyes. Inspired completely by the work of Ma & Chr of course. I’ll admit its kinda weird, but then again… I like weird.

Hanging out with friends until the wee hours of the morn. Working & collaborating. Talking crap. Messing with techie gadgets. Watching terrible movies. Wine, whisky & Milo. Good times.

Finished off the weekend with a movie outing with my pops. Young Adult is all kinds of awesome and Charlize was by all accounts, stellar. I found the movie was so relatable to the point where I found it almost uncomfortable! I’d say it is the least try-hard of Diablo Cody’s works so far. Go watch it!

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