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Bits of my past week or so, complete with cheesy instagram effects. I heart them so!

  1. Skippy Dies by Paul Murray. A fantastic book, so sweetly sad.
  2. Breakfast at Puka with the J’s.
  3. Faithfully taking my Champix. An anti-smoking med, for the uninitiated.
  4. Watched Boo! at Mercury. Small crowd but they brought the goods, as usual.
  5. Got to spend some precious time with my lil’ sis. Love you!
  6. Had Snapple in Stellenbosch. Kind of forgot it existed.
  7. Nothing like surprise macarons from my boyfriend.
  8. Virgin Pina Colada. Can’t drink on Champix. Was still pretty delicious though!
  9. Me & my love.
  10. Bought this cute hand cream for the packaging. Honey & Coconut FTW.

Now I’m just looking forward to going to the Loeries tomorrow night. One of my logos made finalist so here’s holding thumbs.

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