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I can’t wait for my Steve Morris skeleton scarf to arrive! I ordered it from Topshop UK, so I’m still sitting around a week later waiting for it to arrive. Ah the joys of living in South Africa at the ass-end of the world! Sweet anticipation! I had to (albeit willingly) top up my order to £75 to qualify for the free shipping. So along with the scarf I am also waiting for some leather pumps, a cute skirt, some cute makeup, a neat belt and some awesome scallop tights. Thats quite the haul! But I still maintain I did it all for the scarf!

Its on the fairly pricy side for me, but it is after all silk. This is my way of tiding over my obsession until I manage to order a whole set of the Butterbroda prints.

Morris is by far my favourite artist of the moment. Its like discovering someone elsewhere in the world who’s work completely encompasses my ideal aesthetic – in colour, style and subject matter. Thats magic, that is. Thank you Internet!

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