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I’ve made a collection of some of the bags that have caught my eye recently. When it comes to bags, I generally use one over and over until it falls apart. I am always in the process of refining my wardrobe, which leaves me somewhere between trying to buy the perfect, long-lasting pieces to add to my collection, and purging bad or useless purchases.

I narrowed the bag options down to Edgy, Classic and Cute. I’d say these descriptors capture my overall fashion ethos pretty well. All the bags are also from online shops that offer free or fairly affordable shipping to South Africa.


Studded Suede $76 / R635  |  Deco Box $42 / R350  |  Hedgehog $42 / R350


Clutches come in all kinds of shapes, but can in general only hold a cellphone, lipstick and perhaps a purse – which makes them perfect for an evening out. Out of this selection, I think I’d get the most use out of the spiked clutch, but that precious hedgehog one is calling my name big time.


Snake Bar $20 / R166  |  Fiorelli Rioka $46 / R385  |  Moustache Wrist Purse $8 / R66


No handbag is complete without the perfect purse. I prefer ‘em small and just about never carry change to keep it light. That Rioka has my name written all over it. A great purse is a great investment since you use it every single day.


Metal Tip $46 / R385  |  Two Tone $74 / R620  |  Cambridge $165 / R1380


I have a serious weakness for satchels. I think it stems from my memory of my first school bag. I was sent to school with a smart utilitarian leather bag, when all the other kids had standard backpacks. I was like that dorky Will from The Inbetweeners on his first day but whatever I was proud of my fancy bag!


Baggu $90 / R750  |  Warehouse Padlock $63 / R525  |  Black Heart $19 / R158


I love shoppers because they are eco-conscious. They are basically re-usable shopping bags. Out of this selection I am likely to use the cute heart tote from Alphabet Bags the most, but that Baggu shopper is seriously lush.


Zegna Cross Body $149 / R1245  |  Leather Push Lock $58 / R485  |  Mouse $30 / R250


These are the bags I use most often. I have never been a proponent of the Mary Poppins bag fad. I prefer to travel light – it’s much more forgiving on the shoulders! The classic leather push lock bag in white is a nice, everyday bag. It would make a nice alternative to the bag I currently use, which is a simple navy bag from Zara that my bestie got me for my birthday.


  1. This collection that you’ve put together is awesome – I also really appreciate edgy/classic/cute. They’re all even reasonably priced – this could be a problem.

    • Little Ghost

      Thanks for commenting! Edgy/classic/cute pretty much sums up my style directive!

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