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My favourites this week  |  Image by Acid Cow

  • I have a bizarre fascination with rare vintage images of celebrities.
  • Maybe sometime soon I’ll get over my fear of making meringues and attempt these mushroom shaped meringues? Beyond the cute, friends.
  • Amazing hand-painted dining room walls. Filing this under To do (when I finally own my own place). I would totally consider doing this now in my rental, if 1. we didn’t have stippled walls, and 2. the next tenant would probably turn out to have totally different taste and paint right over it.
  • Citymob seems dodgy in their recruitment/pyramid scheme based business, but guys I can’t resist a 29% off deal on Skermunkil jewelry! I’m only human.
  • This slick little desk can feel free to slip it’s way into my furniture collection.
  • Been falling prey to a little late night baking, and this Spiced Lemon cake was the accomplice. This recipe seems pretty bullet-proof.
  • The days are few and far between that I genuinely get sucked into a blog to the extent that I look up and easily an hour has passed. Thanks Elephantine, you are that blog this weekend.
  • Friends, I got sucked into an internet wormhole for a quick second there. I spent the whole morning dutifully reading each and every Dawson’s Creek recap by Elizabeth Sankey. I haven’t laughed this maniacally in some time.


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