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My favourites this week  |  Image by Kris Atomic

  • Rogert Ebert’s beautifully written post about The Shard. A nostalgic look at Form vs. Function.
  • Love this blog, Dancing with the Black Dog, Mark Pacitti’s honest account of his battle with depression.
  • How to Escape the Comparison Trap by Becka Robinson. Related to so many parts of this article, especially the paragraph about never being one of the ‘cool’ kids.
  • Isaac Likes discusses the curse of the freelancer. Relatable and honest. I really liked this excerpt: “One of the pitfalls of being a freelancer is the amount of time you spend sitting around contemplating your own existence between jobs. Downtime is, after all, the enemy of success.” (Via Nubbytwiglet)
  • Lessons from Chuck Close. This has made the rounds, and I even posted Close’s quote here this week, but it is worth linking to this post because that video is awe inspiring. It’s always a strange feeling when you watch someone speak and have this overwhelming feeling of “This is what genius is.”
  • Great roundup of dipped furniture. I too have that feeling of eyeing every piece of furniture I own and thinking “hmmmm…”
  • Pastel hair from LFW. I always dreamed of having My Little Pony hair!
  • Aaaand… speaking of My Little Pony, Ponyhoof is an app that changes your whole Facebook profile My Little Pony-themed. Awesome. (Via CollegeFashion)

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