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Two of my favourite people in the whole world are getting married! To each other!
My bestie Shelly has been dating the ever-awesome Andrew for 9 years, so it’s about damn time too. I have nothing but love for these crazy kids and I wish them the best of luck, love and happiness in their journey together. Their love is an inspiration to me every day!

Also, I’m super happy because this gives these Londoners even more Reasons (with a capital R) to visit Cape Town as often as possible to facilitate the wedding planning! Hells yes!!!


  1. Shelldrew

    This is so cute! Xxxxxx

    • Little Ghost

      Aw thanks! Just had to do a special post for you guys! And it looks like you’ve chosen Shelldrew huh? ;)

  2. yay! I love when friends get engaged. I love how you treated that photo btw.

  3. What a wired name to choose !

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