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Goodbye Baby.

On 03, Jul 2012

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Life Etc., Random, Typography

By Little Ghost

Testing… testing… 123… Trying to tap this out on an iPad. My 2007 MacBook Pro (aka my baby) gave up the ghost yesterday, so I’m testing out uploading posts from my bf’s iPad. I’m a little caught off guard by how upset I am about my laptop dying on me. I think she knew I was planning on upgrading to an iMac eventually and decided to keel off just to spite me!

Thought I’d post that cover of Ikea’s Homemade is Best cookbook. The layouts inside made the blog rounds last year, to such an extent that I never even noticed how great the cover was!

They also created an app that has both the recipes, and an exercise tracker to help you work off the sweet treats. I’ve been itching to get back to baking since my 30 day Paleo trial ended, and I think this might be the perfect start.

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