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It would seem I’ve gone full circle (ahem) in my love for polka dots. I was in love… then realized I was suffering from dot fatigue… and then back around to full-on love. So here is a complete image dump of dotty love! Enjoy!

How about these gorgeous hand-dotted leather pouches from Metrode?

Can’t quite refuse the modern charm of Mr Jones watches. I’ll have the gold one thankyouverymuch!

Love these dove grey napkins by BHLDN.

If it wasn’t for our stippled walls (curse you, stippled walls!) I might have considered a dotted wall or two.

I fully LOVE these Mori mini cups from Poketo. Would’ve totally bought them by now if I had a use for them. Maybe they can be used for the Mister’s saké habit?

Just bought this cute gold dotted coin purse from Topshop. On sale for £5! I needed a small purse to hold my cards when I use my fancier (smaller) bags at night. Cant wait for it to arrive!

You can download this lovely subtle dotted background pattern from Subtle Patterns.

These hand-painted Fassett vases by Stampel Studio are simple and gorgeous. Would love a grouping of these on our mantelpiece, or perhaps just one by itself on a windowsill.

And inspired by these two-toned stippled nails by Prima Creative, I did my own neutral and gold dotted version. Urgh, I hate sheet marks! That’ll teach me to go to bed right after doing a topcoat… D’oh!

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