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Really loving the Branding 10,000 Lakes project. Pity it’ll take designer Nicole Meyer approximately 27 years to finish branding all 10,000 of the lakes in Minnesota! But seriously, good luck! It certainly deserves an ironic you go girl…



And while I’m on my Doyald kick, have a look at this beaut! Created in tribute to the late Mr Young, proceeds of this poster will help set up a type scholarship in his name.

Found via The Case and Point.



344 Loves You

On 19, May 2011

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Design, Typography

By Little Ghost

Just had to share this beautiful embossed thank you card! I mean… wow. Just wow! Stefan Bucher managed to get Doyald Young to create this beautiful mark, based on his Home Sweet Home typography. RIP Doyald, you were the king!

Found via the ever awesome FPO.

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