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Drinks on Friday afternoon at the Saatchi & Saatchi offices. Loved this view.

Saturday breakfast at Origin Coffee. Holy guacamole their coffee is so strong. Reality-altering strong.

Finally gave a second life to some old Président jars. I’m now practically an expert in removing stubborn-as-fuck labels from glass. My hands and nails do not thank me.

Saturday shopping stash. Unintentionally girly pink. I finished Emma Forrest’s Your Voice in My Head in less than half a day. Man, it is so good. Heart wrenching. Beautiful. Honest. Haven’t been touched by writing like this in a long time.

Sunday turned out to be one of those crazy family drama days. Treated myself to a movie date with my love to clear the cobwebs. The Artist was good, but the dog totally stole the show. (And yes, I’m totally that person who takes pictures of the movie screen)



Using some of the scribbles I did on my friend’s iPad this weekend. Definitely want to get one of my own!

Lovely coffee with a friend at Knead. Kind of awesome having them right down the road from my flat. Their food is pretty damn amazing too!

We bought this rather large brass horse recently. I’ve since named him ‘Vonk’ (spark in Afrikaans) and can’t not smile when I walk past him. The brass love is alive and well in the Dalton-Walter household.

Got crafty and DIY’ed this box with eyes. Inspired completely by the work of Ma & Chr of course. I’ll admit its kinda weird, but then again… I like weird.

Hanging out with friends until the wee hours of the morn. Working & collaborating. Talking crap. Messing with techie gadgets. Watching terrible movies. Wine, whisky & Milo. Good times.

Finished off the weekend with a movie outing with my pops. Young Adult is all kinds of awesome and Charlize was by all accounts, stellar. I found the movie was so relatable to the point where I found it almost uncomfortable! I’d say it is the least try-hard of Diablo Cody’s works so far. Go watch it!



I’ve been seeing lovely pops of brass everywhere lately. I love the chic, aged feel it can lend to an interior. Nothin’ wrong with a bit of shine here and there ;)

I’m absolutely lusting after this set of brass deer from Aces Finds Vintage.

Two images from Sarah Yates’ blog A House in the Hills. Swooning over that brass penguin! Source 1  2

Brassy bed in the master bedroom of Daniel Romualdez’s amazing Los Angeles house.

Beautiful 60′s brass spiral pendant and another pic from Yates’ stellar home. Source 1  2

Cutest little brass fawn from A Needle in the Hay.

The brass ornaments I scored on Bid or Buy. Teeny duck bookend and crazy flower with removable petals!



Started of the Easter weekend with a dim sum feast. Dumplings are kind of like crack to me these days!

The weather this weekend was truly craptastic – which was awesome! Awesome in a way you’ll only understand if you’re a Capetonian who has had to suffer through this last endless summer.

Took the time to clean our chandelier, which is much more relaxing a task than I thought at first. Sparkly!

Coffee and a little peek of Kurt at Canal Walk.

Went there to grab a bite to eat and to amass this wondrous Easter stash!

Attempted to keep track of my outfits. Rather… unsuccessfully. But I’m making it a goal to get better at it.

Late night coffee and apple tart with my love.

Cool park typography seen on the way to Rafikis. Need to get hold of this font.

Fallen into the black hole that is Bid-or-Buy! It’s like Gumtree or Craiglist, but it has an online payment facility. Which is both a good thing, and a bad thing, to a vintage scavenger like me! That there is my latest acquisition, a teeny duck bookend.

Hope y’all had a good weekend!



Just bought this awesome set of post-er cards from Bandito Design Co. I’m looking forward to framing them and mixing them in with my larger sized prints. Love the combo of blue and red. You can buy your own set right here.

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