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Stuff I Bought

2012 was quite a year. And the world didn’t end! Fancy that.

High highs and low lows

2012 was quite a difficult year for many of the people in my life. I had it relatively easy, but in hindsight I think it’s just because 2011 was such an absolute stinker of a year for me personally. But 2012 was tough for my bestie (who conversely is already having the best year of her life in 2013, and we’re only 3 weeks in!) and my family. So sayonara 2012, you were a wicked b*tch to the best of them!

Workin’ gherkin

Since going freelance I’ve had a variety of interesting experiences. I’ve learned a mother load of stuff about myself. Nothing like working by yourself in your tiny apartment by day! I’ve come to appreciate aspects of both freelance and office work. I’m still working on my branding, and there will be some changes to the blog and my portfolio coming up. Exciting stuff!

Home free

I’ve done quite a bit of good work on our apartment, but by far my best, most exciting purchase has been our new couch! I bought it as a birthday present to myself. Coricraft was having a R500 off sale, so how could I possibly say no?

My main theme in the apartment this past year was to keep it black and white. I’m trying to pare down our furniture and accessories. Not an easy task for an tchotchke hoarder like myself. Overall I’m feeling a move towards simpler and better things in my life, and I’d like our apartment to reflect some of that.

Hobbies, or the death thereof

In between the bits of working and life organizing I’ve been doing, I managed to develop some new skills. And then promptly lost them due to inactivity. In 2013, I’m going to get back to baking and taking French lessons. Two things that make my heart very happy.

Music to my ears

I saw Eagles of Death Metal, Bloc Party and Lady Gaga! And in that order it was fun, wonderful, and face-melting levels of awesome-sauce. I also saw Little Dragon, but it was a resounding meh for me.

I’m kind of a die-hard fan of EoDM so seeing them live was pure wish fulfilment. The sound at GrandWest was terrible as usual but they seemed so stoked to be playing regardless.

Bloc Party was even better than expected, and performed so many of the songs off their new album, which I love to bits. I also have new-found soft-hearted feelings towards This Modern Love after seeing it performed live.

I’ve been a Gaga fan since well, fairly early days and it was beyond amazing seeing her live. Its the best show I’ve ever seen. I was well broken and bruised afterwards, craning my neck to the breaking point, standing on ballerina tippy toes, screaming till my lungs hurt *sigh* Memories!

This one goes out to the one I love

I got to spend another year with this guy. A year in which he proved himself to be, yet again, my favourite favourite. Here’s to another year, my lovely!

That’s my rather brief 2012 round-up. What can I say, I’m just ready and willing to move on in to 2013. It’s gonna be a good one!



Weeeeeee! 100th blog post! Can’t believe I’ve actually been posting that long!

That (rather grainy) image above is a snap I took of our kitchen shelves. I bought those awesome letters at the new Typo shop at Canal Walk. Now I can remind myself to EAT! Yeah it’s not like I needed a reminder!

The shop is pretty cute looking, but what’s even better is that it’s filled to the brim with awesome stationery, crafty items, gifts and gadgets. I took at least half an hour to scan through everything to make sure I got all the best stuff – my boyfriend is both really awesome and really patient!

I left with my wallet feeling substantially lighter, but it was so worth it! I totally geeked out with some organizing goodies, like a business card file (!) and a handy notepad that I can keep right next to my laptop. I’m always jotting down tasks and reminders as I work, so this is super handy. I also got a cute pencil cup, two rolls of washi tape and some lovely twine. I’ve been meaning to order some washi tape from Etsy, so this saved me about half of what I would have spent on shipping. Awesome!

The business card file and washi tape in action. I’m really loving all these bits I’m getting together for my office space. It feels more and more like an official office space. Even though I can see my office from my bed – ha!

Also I advise everyone to have Mallow Mice for breakfast. It does wonders for your stress levels!

I can’t really have a weekend round up without showing my manicure. I went pink and aggressively sparkly with OPI Excuse Moi. I’ll admit it’s probably a little too glittery and twee for most, but I love it.

It was a Scrubs-a-thon at the Dalton-Walter residence. This is now our third (I think…) watch through. Yes, we are crazy like that. I <3 Turk & J.D. forever…

Finished off the weekend with date night at Taiwan City restaurant. They have an amazing (and affordable) hotpot special for two. I ended the weekend with a belly full of delicious dim sum, chicken hotpot and crispy pork. Hmmmm I want to go back there right now!



It would seem I’ve gone full circle (ahem) in my love for polka dots. I was in love… then realized I was suffering from dot fatigue… and then back around to full-on love. So here is a complete image dump of dotty love! Enjoy!

How about these gorgeous hand-dotted leather pouches from Metrode?

Can’t quite refuse the modern charm of Mr Jones watches. I’ll have the gold one thankyouverymuch!

Love these dove grey napkins by BHLDN.

If it wasn’t for our stippled walls (curse you, stippled walls!) I might have considered a dotted wall or two.

I fully LOVE these Mori mini cups from Poketo. Would’ve totally bought them by now if I had a use for them. Maybe they can be used for the Mister’s saké habit?

Just bought this cute gold dotted coin purse from Topshop. On sale for £5! I needed a small purse to hold my cards when I use my fancier (smaller) bags at night. Cant wait for it to arrive!

You can download this lovely subtle dotted background pattern from Subtle Patterns.

These hand-painted Fassett vases by Stampel Studio are simple and gorgeous. Would love a grouping of these on our mantelpiece, or perhaps just one by itself on a windowsill.

And inspired by these two-toned stippled nails by Prima Creative, I did my own neutral and gold dotted version. Urgh, I hate sheet marks! That’ll teach me to go to bed right after doing a topcoat… D’oh!



One of the unexpected perks of being freelance now, is that I have free reign to make my office space as personal and inspiring as I like. I’ll admit, my first month as a freelancer was spent working on the couch with piles of papers and sketches steadily growing in haphazard towers around me. But my aching back pulled me back to the realization that I simply had to start working at a desk again. I bit the bullet, and bought some ergonomic, and quite awesome looking office chairs.

This is of course a cheapy knock-off version of this gorgeous Eames chair. Pretty comfortable for reproduction furniture. I’d say their most egregious flaw is probably that the quality of the upholstery material is a little on the cheap side, but I plan on reupholstering them in leather when the time comes. That might seem counter-intuitive, but I think it makes far more sense than spending R 15 455 on an original. (Can anyone out there articulate exactly why designer furniture is so damn expensive? Seems out of step to me, in a case like this, where the Eames’ design ethos was centered around providing good design to as many people as possible…)

Ergonomic chair = happy spine. Next, I’ve focussed on finding other gorgeous office spaces to give me a little decoration direction. I’m loving Erin Gates’ office featured on The Everygirl. I’m drawn more and more to scandi flavoured interiors with clean palettes of mostly black and white with smallish pops of colour.
It’s an aesthetic that works particularly well in office spaces.

Jennifer Hagler’s office, featured on Design Sponge, is a great example of a monochrome palette with touches of colour. I really enjoy how simple and functional this space is.

Once I actually got used to working at a desk again, I realized just how many things I needed to flesh out a functioning one-lady-show design office. I’m talking like… I didn’t even own a stapler – if that indicates my level of desperation. There are of course the bigger purchases I’m working towards, like a printer, scanner, some pantone books (holy heck, how expensive are those things?!), shelves and some mobile storage. And then there are the smaller purchases, like said stapler, to look forward to.

But I’d be lying if I said I’m not enjoying spending a little dough on the things that give my space that Little Ghost-y personal touch, and make my workday a breeze. Here are some of the smaller, more fun and possibly decorative things I have my eye on…

I love these Stick Up weekly calendar sticky notes from Poketo. They’re kind of like a real-world version of the Teux Deux iPhone app I use to death.

And just for sheer gorgeousness, these Hello Notes from Tokketokk. These are great in lieu of actual branded compliment slips.

This walnut and porcelain desk catch-all is a simple and elegant solution.

These numbered push pins from Present&Correct have been on my Must Have list for a while. Think I’ll just cave and get them now. Seriously, life is too short to pine over push pins, Nicole!

These foiled journals are pretty to the point where I probably wouldn’t even be able to start using them. I do that sometimes.

Like these customized ‘Me and You’ pencils by Knot & Bow.

And I’m tempted to get this motivational print, just because it reminds me of a bit of Leslie Knope and her gutsy, girly ambition and self-belief :)



Par Avion.

On 24, Apr 2012


Art, Design, Stuff I Bought

By Little Ghost

There is something so indescribably awesome about receiving something in the mail. Even if you order it yourself online, and you know its coming! The feeling is still there. Maybe for me it’s because I’m packaging obsessed, so all the little bits, bobs, stickers and handwriting fascinate me? Par example:

I ordered two prints from Karolin Schnoor. A screenprinted poster, and a little screenprinted card. I’m super pleased with the prints, but more than anything, I’m really enjoying the attention to detail, and the effort that has gone into this shipment. Like the awesome handwriting above, and that branding on the postal tube. To this business card that came with the greeting card…

It’s so simple and so inspiring. I’ve been doing research into printing my own set of cards, but the costs have so far been prohibitive. This is printed in one color and loses nothing in terms of impact.

But wait, there’s more! Have a look at this sweet thank-you that was slipped into the poster tube.

I mean, how awesome is that? Details, people, details. But I’m waffling. Let’s move on to the meat of the post – the actual prints. The little greeting card is now happily residing in a simple frame I had lying around.

Hmmm, that’s more like it. That my friends, is pretty much perfect as far as I’m concerned. And the poster, you ask? (Types the author knowing full well no one has indeed asked anything of the sort) Well here it is. That’s as much as I can show you for now. I’m going to leave it to my framers to straighten it out, as it is much too pretty to crease up!

If you’re interested in getting in on any of this pretty action, visit Karolin Schnoor’s Etsy here. Beautiful, handmade products plus excellent customer service and attention to detail. Can’t recommend it enough!

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