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London 2011



Eden Project, Cornwall

On 19, May 2011

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London 2011

By Little Ghost

Free Mahi Mahi! Free Mahi Mahi! Ah how can you not think of Biodome when at the Eden Project?! Well not everyone was with me on the constant Biodome quotes, but we watched it afterwards just to brush up. And I have to say Biodome, sadly, has not aged well. I can’t believe I used to find Pauly Shore funny. Anyway… picture above of me and Shelly approaching the first biome.

This was just the most awesome location. So much nature! Not what I expected of the UK, thats for sure!

Inside the Tropical Biome. It was about 40ºC in here! Madness! The £1 baobab smoothie at the end of the Biome was well needed. As much as I was enjoying it, I also couldn’t wait to get out of there – I do not deal well with heat at all!

Chillin’ :)

Amazing heart-shaped flowers in the gardens.

Random Bee. Overall Eden Project was fantastic! It was plain to see just how much love and effort had gone into the creation of this singular place.



Sooo… I managed to get to Peyton and Byrne when I was in London. Me and my bestie Shelly had lemon curd swiss rolls, which were utterly, devastatingly delicious! So naturally I felt compelled to buy their book on British Baking… and a tin of their awesome hot chocolate. This was the Heals Peyton and Byrne, so obviously I had a browse around Heals – definitely one of my favourite shops in London. I would immigrate for that shop alone, I kid you not!

Apologies for the bad photos, but its at least we managed to get some sneaky-sneaky shots of the place! London is really hectic about photography around commercial areas – its actually kind of ridiculous.



I can’t even express how excited I am about my upcoming trip to London! Only 23 more sleeps!!! Since this is my visual diary and all, I’m going to start making lists to remind myself of all the cool things I’d like to see and places I’d like to visit.

This first short list was an easy one, as all these places are designed by FAT Architecture, and all of them are A to the Awesome!

Selfridges in Oxford Street
They say “Europe’s longest denim wall”. I say “Sold!”

Meals Restaurant
Because its just so darn pretty.

Peyton and Byrne
I have been dreaming about a visit to P&B ever since I saw their packaging featured on The Dieline.
Oh, and, the cupcakes don’t look half bad!

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