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Two of my favourite people in the whole world are getting married! To each other!
My bestie Shelly has been dating the ever-awesome Andrew for 9 years, so it’s about damn time too. I have nothing but love for these crazy kids and I wish them the best of luck, love and happiness in their journey together. Their love is an inspiration to me every day!

Also, I’m super happy because this gives these Londoners even more Reasons (with a capital R) to visit Cape Town as often as possible to facilitate the wedding planning! Hells yes!!!

2012 was quite a year. And the world didn’t end! Fancy that.

High highs and low lows

2012 was quite a difficult year for many of the people in my life. I had it relatively easy, but in hindsight I think it’s just because 2011 was such an absolute stinker of a year for me personally. But 2012 was tough for my bestie (who conversely is already having the best year of her life in 2013, and we’re only 3 weeks in!) and my family. So sayonara 2012, you were a wicked b*tch to the best of them!

Workin’ gherkin

Since going freelance I’ve had a variety of interesting experiences. I’ve learned a mother load of stuff about myself. Nothing like working by yourself in your tiny apartment by day! I’ve come to appreciate aspects of both freelance and office work. I’m still working on my branding, and there will be some changes to the blog and my portfolio coming up. Exciting stuff!

Home free

I’ve done quite a bit of good work on our apartment, but by far my best, most exciting purchase has been our new couch! I bought it as a birthday present to myself. Coricraft was having a R500 off sale, so how could I possibly say no?

My main theme in the apartment this past year was to keep it black and white. I’m trying to pare down our furniture and accessories. Not an easy task for an tchotchke hoarder like myself. Overall I’m feeling a move towards simpler and better things in my life, and I’d like our apartment to reflect some of that.

Hobbies, or the death thereof

In between the bits of working and life organizing I’ve been doing, I managed to develop some new skills. And then promptly lost them due to inactivity. In 2013, I’m going to get back to baking and taking French lessons. Two things that make my heart very happy.

Music to my ears

I saw Eagles of Death Metal, Bloc Party and Lady Gaga! And in that order it was fun, wonderful, and face-melting levels of awesome-sauce. I also saw Little Dragon, but it was a resounding meh for me.

I’m kind of a die-hard fan of EoDM so seeing them live was pure wish fulfilment. The sound at GrandWest was terrible as usual but they seemed so stoked to be playing regardless.

Bloc Party was even better than expected, and performed so many of the songs off their new album, which I love to bits. I also have new-found soft-hearted feelings towards This Modern Love after seeing it performed live.

I’ve been a Gaga fan since well, fairly early days and it was beyond amazing seeing her live. Its the best show I’ve ever seen. I was well broken and bruised afterwards, craning my neck to the breaking point, standing on ballerina tippy toes, screaming till my lungs hurt *sigh* Memories!

This one goes out to the one I love

I got to spend another year with this guy. A year in which he proved himself to be, yet again, my favourite favourite. Here’s to another year, my lovely!

That’s my rather brief 2012 round-up. What can I say, I’m just ready and willing to move on in to 2013. It’s gonna be a good one!



“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”


(Via Mulana perennial favorite!)



Forget things that stupid people have said to and about you. Focus on the people who truly love and care for you. Carry on with what you enjoy doing and do it with the extra knowledge that you and your heart are good.”

- Mel Stringer


(Via Mel Stringer’s Flickr)



Goodbye Baby.

On 03, Jul 2012

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By Little Ghost

Testing… testing… 123… Trying to tap this out on an iPad. My 2007 MacBook Pro (aka my baby) gave up the ghost yesterday, so I’m testing out uploading posts from my bf’s iPad. I’m a little caught off guard by how upset I am about my laptop dying on me. I think she knew I was planning on upgrading to an iMac eventually and decided to keel off just to spite me!

Thought I’d post that cover of Ikea’s Homemade is Best cookbook. The layouts inside made the blog rounds last year, to such an extent that I never even noticed how great the cover was!

They also created an app that has both the recipes, and an exercise tracker to help you work off the sweet treats. I’ve been itching to get back to baking since my 30 day Paleo trial ended, and I think this might be the perfect start.

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Two of my favourite people in the…

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2012 was quite a year. And the world didn’t end! Fancy that.

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