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Don’t recall wether I actually blogged about my new-ish banner… you can get one just like it here!

  • Why I’m Unemployable, by Susannah Breslin, is a really great essay on not fitting in, in a conventional workplace – and how that’s totally ok.
  • Jessica Hische’s engagement website, Jess & Russ, is so unbelievably awesome. Love the colour palette and the unique illustrations contributed by artists and friends.
  • 100 Greatest Free Fonts, a great round-up of free fonts. I haven’t even made it all the way through the list! Found via the always awesome Nubby Twiglet.
  • J.K. Rowling is No Longer a Billionaire, and you’ll love the reason why. God, I love this gal!
  • Tydepool is a superbly curated collection of ‘remarkable creatures’ from Amazon and Etsy. I’m keeping this one tucked away in my bookmarks bar until I’m flush with cash!
  • Who Made That Soy-Sauce Dispenser? Loved learning a little more about Kenji Ekuan.
  • Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? I vote yes! I also think it’s reducing peoples’ ability to maintain real friendships. Perhaps I am just old fashioned?!

Ehmm… haven’t posted in what, 6 months? I blame it on falling through the vortex that is Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram! Seems that when I have all these… distractions… to categorize and document my life, a blog seems a little pointless perhaps.

But! I haven’t given up the ghost completely! The completely silly thing though, is that in these past six months I have had the most ridiculous amount of things to write about. Par example:

  • I quit my job.
  • I successfully quit smoking. (More than 6 months strong!)
  • My best friend visited me all the way from London in December, and then again in March! December for happy reasons, March for sad reasons.
  • My boyfriend stopped freelancing and got a great job, that he loves to bits.
  • I started studying French again – c’est vrai!
  • I’m getting my portfolio together – the verdict is out on whether I’ll go freelance or look for another job.

Those are just off the top of my head, loads more things have filled in the cracks since last October. And… after that looong intro, I’ll leave you with my March photo-a-day collection. See the original submission list here. As you might be able to tell I have fallen into quite a serious Instagram addiction!



Bits of my past week or so, complete with cheesy instagram effects. I heart them so!

  1. Skippy Dies by Paul Murray. A fantastic book, so sweetly sad.
  2. Breakfast at Puka with the J’s.
  3. Faithfully taking my Champix. An anti-smoking med, for the uninitiated.
  4. Watched Boo! at Mercury. Small crowd but they brought the goods, as usual.
  5. Got to spend some precious time with my lil’ sis. Love you!
  6. Had Snapple in Stellenbosch. Kind of forgot it existed.
  7. Nothing like surprise macarons from my boyfriend.
  8. Virgin Pina Colada. Can’t drink on Champix. Was still pretty delicious though!
  9. Me & my love.
  10. Bought this cute hand cream for the packaging. Honey & Coconut FTW.

Now I’m just looking forward to going to the Loeries tomorrow night. One of my logos made finalist so here’s holding thumbs.

My Saturday morning so far, documented with Instagram.

  1. My Maocat, bought in Amsterdam earlier this year. He makes me smile :)
  2. The view from my balcony.
  3. Picked up my Topshop purchases today. R560 in customs later (!!!wtf!!!) and I have my cute leather bow pumps on my feet.
  4. Brie, bacon and peppadew croissant breakfast at Arnold’s.

Its been a good day so far. Spring cleaning on the cards next…

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