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Weeeeeee! 100th blog post! Can’t believe I’ve actually been posting that long!

That (rather grainy) image above is a snap I took of our kitchen shelves. I bought those awesome letters at the new Typo shop at Canal Walk. Now I can remind myself to EAT! Yeah it’s not like I needed a reminder!

The shop is pretty cute looking, but what’s even better is that it’s filled to the brim with awesome stationery, crafty items, gifts and gadgets. I took at least half an hour to scan through everything to make sure I got all the best stuff – my boyfriend is both really awesome and really patient!

I left with my wallet feeling substantially lighter, but it was so worth it! I totally geeked out with some organizing goodies, like a business card file (!) and a handy notepad that I can keep right next to my laptop. I’m always jotting down tasks and reminders as I work, so this is super handy. I also got a cute pencil cup, two rolls of washi tape and some lovely twine. I’ve been meaning to order some washi tape from Etsy, so this saved me about half of what I would have spent on shipping. Awesome!

The business card file and washi tape in action. I’m really loving all these bits I’m getting together for my office space. It feels more and more like an official office space. Even though I can see my office from my bed – ha!

Also I advise everyone to have Mallow Mice for breakfast. It does wonders for your stress levels!

I can’t really have a weekend round up without showing my manicure. I went pink and aggressively sparkly with OPI Excuse Moi. I’ll admit it’s probably a little too glittery and twee for most, but I love it.

It was a Scrubs-a-thon at the Dalton-Walter residence. This is now our third (I think…) watch through. Yes, we are crazy like that. I <3 Turk & J.D. forever…

Finished off the weekend with date night at Taiwan City restaurant. They have an amazing (and affordable) hotpot special for two. I ended the weekend with a belly full of delicious dim sum, chicken hotpot and crispy pork. Hmmmm I want to go back there right now!



Made this delicious shake yesterday. Wednesday is Hump Day, right?! And that’s all the validation I needed. This confection is a glorious meeting of coconut, chocolate and almonds – basically heaven sipped through a straw. I highly recommend it if you’ve had a busy week thus far…

Recipe from Design Sponge.



Going by that image, you would be right in assuming I have… feelings… for coffee. This is my little ode to the beautiful brew. I’m one day shy of 9 months into being a non-smoker. (Weeeeeeee!) I’ll admit, I have used caffeine as my replacement drug. But you know what? Me (and my shaky hands) are okay with that.

I love that even after many, many years of being a coffee drinker, going out for a cup of coffee still feels special somehow. It’s a stolen moment, a time to regroup, an affordable self-indulgence that is available around every corner.

Oh, coffee, I do love you so…

All images taken by me. View my original (slightly ironic, given the circumstances) ode to coffee here.



Monday Pin Mix.

On 30, Apr 2012

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Design, Food, Monday Pin Mix

By Little Ghost

Every Monday I tally up the latest stats on my Pinterest. Follow my pins here.

My followers loved those mushroom-shaped meringues by Cupcakes & Cashmere. I loved the Sightglass logo designed by ETC & Boon Design.



Made this delicious coconut and raspberry cloud cake today, following this recipe by Blackjack Bakehouse. I substituted raspberries for blueberries, and reduced the icing sugar in the frosting by half. And man, was it ever goooooood!

I’ve already had two slices, but I’m on to my third… Hmmmmhhhh. Be back later!

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