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Favourite Film Friday

I honestly don’t even know where to start with this one. The Fall is the most amazing movie that I’ve seen in a looooong time. There are just so many parts of it that I love, or connect with, that its hard to even express it all. But I’ll attempt a list.

1. The Logo
A movie that actually has an amazing, beautifully crafted logo is a rare and wonderful thing. This site has a great interview with Stefan Bucher, the designer behind the logo and the title sequence.

2. The Title Sequence
Beautiful slow motion B&W visuals paired with Beethoven’s Symphony No 7 in A Major. What I love about the title sequence is that its so heart-wrenchingly beautiful that I knew instantly the rest of the movie could not possibly disappoint.

3. The Real Story
The Fall juxtaposes reality with fantasy as the story unfolds. You would naturally expect the real-life story to be less exciting than the fantasy, but it was equally enjoyable for me, mostly because of the genuinely joyful performance by Catinca Untaru (Pictured above).

4. The Fantasy
Amazing locations, beautiful cinematography, exotic characters. Need I say more?

5. Lee Pace (as Roy Walker/Black Bandit)
Because well, yum.

Phew, well there you have a little bit of insight into my favourite movie. I’m feeling a strong urge to watch it yet again (for the nth time!)

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