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Commoner Inc.

On 12, Jul 2012

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Design, Typography

By Little Ghost

Love, love, loving the work of Commoner Inc., a Boston-based design studio.



Love this fresh and functional packaging for Caramela Chocolates. Caramela is a Monterrey, Mexico based chocolate boutique.

I really enjoy seeing the combo of craft paper, neon pink and polka dots with that white Gotham text. When I first came across this on BP&O, it was an instant design crush, and of course I shouldn’t have been surprised to discover that it was done by my favourite design agency in the whole wide world – Anagrama. View some more of their work here.



Don’t recall wether I actually blogged about my new-ish banner… you can get one just like it here!

  • Why I’m Unemployable, by Susannah Breslin, is a really great essay on not fitting in, in a conventional workplace – and how that’s totally ok.
  • Jessica Hische’s engagement website, Jess & Russ, is so unbelievably awesome. Love the colour palette and the unique illustrations contributed by artists and friends.
  • 100 Greatest Free Fonts, a great round-up of free fonts. I haven’t even made it all the way through the list! Found via the always awesome Nubby Twiglet.
  • J.K. Rowling is No Longer a Billionaire, and you’ll love the reason why. God, I love this gal!
  • Tydepool is a superbly curated collection of ‘remarkable creatures’ from Amazon and Etsy. I’m keeping this one tucked away in my bookmarks bar until I’m flush with cash!
  • Who Made That Soy-Sauce Dispenser? Loved learning a little more about Kenji Ekuan.
  • Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? I vote yes! I also think it’s reducing peoples’ ability to maintain real friendships. Perhaps I am just old fashioned?!



Bloomin’ Gorgeous.

On 26, Jun 2012

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Design, Interiors

By Little Ghost

Had to share this beautiful Chelsea, New York townhouse renovation by Julian King. Utterly gorgeous and luxe to the nth degree.

Originally a bedroom, this space now houses a kitchen and dining area that opens onto a deck.

The walls of the kitchen were built out to meet the cabinets.

The fridge was built into an existing arched doorway.

Love the hint of natural wood beneath the cabinet’s glossy white exteriors.

The sink in the basement bedroom. The cabinet is recessed into the wall, with a small gap to create a grip.

The inside of the cabinet reveals a peek of the original brickwork.

The back of the house showing the remodeled bottom floors. The stairs were anchored into the wall.
The basement bedroom is flooded with light thanks to the full-width sliding doors.

For more info on this beautiful remodel, head on over to this NY Times article. For a more in depth look at the architect’s choices, view this Remodelista article. Remodelista also created a great Pinterest board which addresses a lot of the questions and sources used in this townhouse.

Images 1,2,4,6,7,8 from NY Times; 3,5 from Remodelista



One of the unexpected perks of being freelance now, is that I have free reign to make my office space as personal and inspiring as I like. I’ll admit, my first month as a freelancer was spent working on the couch with piles of papers and sketches steadily growing in haphazard towers around me. But my aching back pulled me back to the realization that I simply had to start working at a desk again. I bit the bullet, and bought some ergonomic, and quite awesome looking office chairs.

This is of course a cheapy knock-off version of this gorgeous Eames chair. Pretty comfortable for reproduction furniture. I’d say their most egregious flaw is probably that the quality of the upholstery material is a little on the cheap side, but I plan on reupholstering them in leather when the time comes. That might seem counter-intuitive, but I think it makes far more sense than spending R 15 455 on an original. (Can anyone out there articulate exactly why designer furniture is so damn expensive? Seems out of step to me, in a case like this, where the Eames’ design ethos was centered around providing good design to as many people as possible…)

Ergonomic chair = happy spine. Next, I’ve focussed on finding other gorgeous office spaces to give me a little decoration direction. I’m loving Erin Gates’ office featured on The Everygirl. I’m drawn more and more to scandi flavoured interiors with clean palettes of mostly black and white with smallish pops of colour.
It’s an aesthetic that works particularly well in office spaces.

Jennifer Hagler’s office, featured on Design Sponge, is a great example of a monochrome palette with touches of colour. I really enjoy how simple and functional this space is.

Once I actually got used to working at a desk again, I realized just how many things I needed to flesh out a functioning one-lady-show design office. I’m talking like… I didn’t even own a stapler – if that indicates my level of desperation. There are of course the bigger purchases I’m working towards, like a printer, scanner, some pantone books (holy heck, how expensive are those things?!), shelves and some mobile storage. And then there are the smaller purchases, like said stapler, to look forward to.

But I’d be lying if I said I’m not enjoying spending a little dough on the things that give my space that Little Ghost-y personal touch, and make my workday a breeze. Here are some of the smaller, more fun and possibly decorative things I have my eye on…

I love these Stick Up weekly calendar sticky notes from Poketo. They’re kind of like a real-world version of the Teux Deux iPhone app I use to death.

And just for sheer gorgeousness, these Hello Notes from Tokketokk. These are great in lieu of actual branded compliment slips.

This walnut and porcelain desk catch-all is a simple and elegant solution.

These numbered push pins from Present&Correct have been on my Must Have list for a while. Think I’ll just cave and get them now. Seriously, life is too short to pine over push pins, Nicole!

These foiled journals are pretty to the point where I probably wouldn’t even be able to start using them. I do that sometimes.

Like these customized ‘Me and You’ pencils by Knot & Bow.

And I’m tempted to get this motivational print, just because it reminds me of a bit of Leslie Knope and her gutsy, girly ambition and self-belief :)

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