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2012 April



Par Avion.

On 24, Apr 2012


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By Little Ghost

There is something so indescribably awesome about receiving something in the mail. Even if you order it yourself online, and you know its coming! The feeling is still there. Maybe for me it’s because I’m packaging obsessed, so all the little bits, bobs, stickers and handwriting fascinate me? Par example:

I ordered two prints from Karolin Schnoor. A screenprinted poster, and a little screenprinted card. I’m super pleased with the prints, but more than anything, I’m really enjoying the attention to detail, and the effort that has gone into this shipment. Like the awesome handwriting above, and that branding on the postal tube. To this business card that came with the greeting card…

It’s so simple and so inspiring. I’ve been doing research into printing my own set of cards, but the costs have so far been prohibitive. This is printed in one color and loses nothing in terms of impact.

But wait, there’s more! Have a look at this sweet thank-you that was slipped into the poster tube.

I mean, how awesome is that? Details, people, details. But I’m waffling. Let’s move on to the meat of the post – the actual prints. The little greeting card is now happily residing in a simple frame I had lying around.

Hmmm, that’s more like it. That my friends, is pretty much perfect as far as I’m concerned. And the poster, you ask? (Types the author knowing full well no one has indeed asked anything of the sort) Well here it is. That’s as much as I can show you for now. I’m going to leave it to my framers to straighten it out, as it is much too pretty to crease up!

If you’re interested in getting in on any of this pretty action, visit Karolin Schnoor’s Etsy here. Beautiful, handmade products plus excellent customer service and attention to detail. Can’t recommend it enough!

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I loved this floral tee by Topshop. My followers loved this brass greyhound in Emily Henderson’s lounge.



Drinks on Friday afternoon at the Saatchi & Saatchi offices. Loved this view.

Saturday breakfast at Origin Coffee. Holy guacamole their coffee is so strong. Reality-altering strong.

Finally gave a second life to some old Président jars. I’m now practically an expert in removing stubborn-as-fuck labels from glass. My hands and nails do not thank me.

Saturday shopping stash. Unintentionally girly pink. I finished Emma Forrest’s Your Voice in My Head in less than half a day. Man, it is so good. Heart wrenching. Beautiful. Honest. Haven’t been touched by writing like this in a long time.

Sunday turned out to be one of those crazy family drama days. Treated myself to a movie date with my love to clear the cobwebs. The Artist was good, but the dog totally stole the show. (And yes, I’m totally that person who takes pictures of the movie screen)



My favourites this week  |  Image by Kris Atomic

  • Rogert Ebert’s beautifully written post about The Shard. A nostalgic look at Form vs. Function.
  • Love this blog, Dancing with the Black Dog, Mark Pacitti’s honest account of his battle with depression.
  • How to Escape the Comparison Trap by Becka Robinson. Related to so many parts of this article, especially the paragraph about never being one of the ‘cool’ kids.
  • Isaac Likes discusses the curse of the freelancer. Relatable and honest. I really liked this excerpt: “One of the pitfalls of being a freelancer is the amount of time you spend sitting around contemplating your own existence between jobs. Downtime is, after all, the enemy of success.” (Via Nubbytwiglet)
  • Lessons from Chuck Close. This has made the rounds, and I even posted Close’s quote here this week, but it is worth linking to this post because that video is awe inspiring. It’s always a strange feeling when you watch someone speak and have this overwhelming feeling of “This is what genius is.”
  • Great roundup of dipped furniture. I too have that feeling of eyeing every piece of furniture I own and thinking “hmmmm…”
  • Pastel hair from LFW. I always dreamed of having My Little Pony hair!
  • Aaaand… speaking of My Little Pony, Ponyhoof is an app that changes your whole Facebook profile My Little Pony-themed. Awesome. (Via CollegeFashion)



Nothin’ wrong with a bit of classic B&W. Love these shots, from Good Mother and Father by Sacha Maric.

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