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2011 September



The new gameplan.

On 16, Sep 2011

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By Little Ghost

So tempted to buy one – or a million of these. I could see myself handing them out to family members, co-workers, random strangers. You get the gist. They are available for $5 from Best Made Company, which also sells beautiful handmade axes if you’re feeling stabby.



Wearing: Black boots from Primark, Black stirrup tights, Black and white floral skirt from H&M, Basic tee from Mr Price, Grey knit cardigan from Primark  ///  Listening to: Wonderlustre by Skunk Anansie (Sooo good)  ///  Reading: Started Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson  ///  Watching: Franklin & Bash (Just to pass the time…)  ///  Doing: Well, I’m an hour into quitting smoking. Should be interesting!  ///  Loving: My new mani! Like a starry night sky  ///  Hating: The fact that it took me ten years to muster up the courage to quit smoking  ///  Wishing: That it could be December already. Can’t wait for you to come visit, bestie!  ///  Wanting: Another macaron, whyohwhy did I finish them all?

Hope you all have a good weekend!

My Saturday morning so far, documented with Instagram.

  1. My Maocat, bought in Amsterdam earlier this year. He makes me smile :)
  2. The view from my balcony.
  3. Picked up my Topshop purchases today. R560 in customs later (!!!wtf!!!) and I have my cute leather bow pumps on my feet.
  4. Brie, bacon and peppadew croissant breakfast at Arnold’s.

Its been a good day so far. Spring cleaning on the cards next…

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