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2011 July



I can’t be obsessed with a shower curtain right? Right? Ah who am I kidding, I’m totally obsessed. I’ve been visiting the Izola site for months now, going back and forth over this awesome design. But – it is, as most things are – too expensive to get shipped to South Africa. When shipping costs almost the same amount as the actual product, you know you have a problem. Guess it will just have to stay tucked in my bookmarks folder for a little while longer…

UPDATE: Ok, so I bought it. Now I just have to wait for it to arrive from the US. Tap tap tap tap.



Breaking the blog silence to post this eye-wateringly amazing campaign from Mulberry. Beautiful shots by Tim Walker. Those bags are pretty delicious too – If I had R10 000 hanging about I would buy this little gem. Guess I’m loving the foxy goodness since I just watched Fantastic Mr. Fox for the umpteenth time – pure goodness!

Images from Twenty2.

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